What is Volunteer Success?

Volunteer Success is a registered Canadian charity that connects organizations to people and people to causes. We make it fun and easy for people of all ages and expertise to find meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Success is a one-stop online platform for volunteers and organizations to connect and learn.
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Resource and Learning Centre
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The Volunteer Success Resource and Learning Centre helps volunteers and organizations stay up to date on the world of volunteering through its curated library of resources and tools. The goal is to provide articles, blogs, upcoming events and links to external resources that will positively impact community needs, enhance volunteer experiences and support organizations' needs to increase capacity.

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A Great Experience
For For Volunteers

Volunteer Success helps volunteers find their next opportunity by connecting them with a wide range of organizations looking for people to help them fulfill their mission. It’s fun and easy to discover organizations and apply for a volunteer experience.

  • Simple and Easy: State-of-the-art technologies and processes to find volunteering opportunities
  • No Cost: Access our services free of charge
  • Centralized Destination: No need to waste time switching between multiple platforms
  • Personalized Profile: Showcase your skills and interests to be found by organizations looking for volunteers
  • Learning Resources: Stay up to date with weekly blogs and educational material
  • Innovative Experience: Enjoy an intuitive online experience like no other
  • Meaningful Connections: Get in touch with organizations from a wide variety of sectors
  • Fun and Adventurous: Find, discover and enjoy the search for organizations, causes or opportunities
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A Great Experience
For Organizations

Volunteer Success helps organizations find their next volunteer by connecting them to people looking for a meaningful experience. It’s simple and easy to advertise a volunteer opportunity, discover candidates and manage the recruitment process with our online platform.

  • Search Volunteers: Handpick from a pool of filterable volunteer profiles for specific opportunities.
  • No Cost: Access our services free of charge.
  • Customized Dashboard: Personalize your organization’s profile page and workspace.
  • Centralized Platform: No need to waste time switching between multiple platforms to get the job done.
  • No Geographic Barriers: Recruit prospective volunteers throughout Canada from a wide range of sectors from animal welfare to disaster relief.
  • Automated Features: Use powerful search filters and automated processes to easily find and recruit volunteers.
  • Learning Resources: Stay up to date with regularly published blogs and a curated library of volunteer management material.
  • Innovative Experience: Enjoy an intuitive online experience like no other.
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To strengthen volunteerism by leveraging technology, engaging in education and connecting communities.

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To connect volunteers to opportunities and organizations to volunteers through an online hub.

To support organizations and volunteers by providing opportunities to learn and share best practices.

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To act where our human oneness is grounded with love, connection, generosity, respect and contribution; we believe that by acting together, in partnership, we are exponentially greater than by acting individually.

Make a positive impact in your community as a volunteer or organization.